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The classic Hasselblad medium format film camera.


Three reasons to consider shooting in Black & White in some situations instead of colour.

  • Prioritises shape, pattern & texture

  • Creative use of lighting & shadows

  • Emphasis mood, emotion and character.

The Hasselblad is the classic medium format film camera with the Hassleblad being an important part of my camera collection.

The Moon Landings.

The first Hasselblad camera went into space in 1962. From Apollo 11 to Apollo 17 a total of 12 cameras were left behind on the lunar surface with only the film magazines being brought back.

I had the good fortune of seeing one of the original training cameras during a short exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society in Bath in July 2019.


The Apollo Moon Mission Training Camera

My classic Hasselblad 500

Studio Shoot with Miss Wales finalist Carys

Shooting on location with Ffion.

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